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“My absolute favourite meal in SMA. I loved the neighborhood, the vibe, the employees, the food, and all the goodies they had prepackaged for take-away. This place was absolutely fantastic.”

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“Recently, I have been exploring the wide world of Mezcal, so when we visited San Miguel de Allende last week, my wife scheduled a Mezcal tasting with S.J. And Mario at DeliQ.  They brought back the foods they made and it was so delicious! I can’t wait until They open their own restaurant.”

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“We love this place so much. We stayed in Guadalupe for 6-weeks and this was one of our favourite places. The food is so healthy and fresh and prepared with such care and love.  They have the most delicious sourdough bread as well as other yummy baked goods. I highly recommend this awesome place!”

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“My friend and I took a private cooking class with Alicia the chef/owner of DeliQ in San Miguel de Allende. It was the BEST cooking class I've ever taken.  The recipes are easy enough that I will be able to repeat them at home. Definitely take this class it's fantastic.”

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